Me Learning About Skincare

The journey to understanding skincare was quite the long one for me personally. Makeup is something which I have always been actively using since I figured out makeup existed. The years of mascara, lipstick, eyeliner and blush also happen to coincide with my formative ones. For those of you who got confused in my little explanation I just mean that I’ve been doing makeup since I was probably way too young to be doing makeup. I think that’s why I’m even luckier that I managed to figure out how important skincare was.

For those of you who are thinking to yourselves “well of course skincare is important” I’m going to assume that you’re probably part of the younger demographic. For those of us who can remember a world without the internet the concept of skincare routines was thought of to be a bit more of a lavish thing reserved for spa trips and not really something you did on an almost daily basis. Nowadays it’s relatively common to find out that someone has extensive skincare routines but let me assure that really wasn’t the case before. To clarify though it’s not like we ever had anything against skincare routines it’s really just the preconception of how necessary it was was very different. I’m glad people are more aware nowadays of the importance of skincare.

I love makeup and a lot of people I know would like to point to makeup as being the reason for some of skin problems (I’ve got rather dry skin). For the longest time I agreed with them and tried limiting my makeup usage in order to alleviate my dry skin issues. Of course I tried moisturizers but not only was moisturizing not enough but I was also doing so under the impression that if I moisturized too often then that would make my skin dependent on moisturizers, as I know now that was not the right approach.

Fast forward a few years later here I am with better skin than I can even remember having before. The research I put into proper skincare and the investment of time and funds towards a proper skincare routine are undoubtedly the reason for the stark improvement.