How using makeup can increase your confidence

Now the psychological understanding of whether makeup actually helps with confidence or not is a bit split. There are studies that claim make up helps a majority of women feel a stronger sense of confidence and there are also studies that set out with the claim that makeup as a concept and an industry is damaging to self-esteem and confidence. Honestly the jury’s split on the whole thing whether or not that makeup primer gesicht is going to boost your confidence. It’s hard to believe anybody when some of these studies in both parties tend to want a certain result when conducting their research, not all of them but some. Instead of debating the psychological effects as based on data collection which is both hard to verify and validate, let’s try to sound it out and see what makes sense then.

Personally I’ve got my own stand on the whole discussion which might seem a bit indecisive to those who’ve already picked a side. I believe that when it comes to the question of whether makeup helps or hurts confidence is that… it depends. Now hear me out I’m not just saying it depends because I don’t want to make anyone angry. I honestly believe that makeup does both. There are so many situations where you can ask this question that it seems a bit silly and short sighted to try and give a blanket statement for all of them. I don’t think you should have anyone dictate to you how you should feel about makeup or how you should think it affects your confidence. Ask yourself if you like putting on some makeup then that’s great roll with it and flaunt your makeup and the skills and confidence that come with it. If you feel like you don’t really like makeup and it makes you feel self-conscious or something like that then by all means avoid makeup and run with your all natural look.

I think makeup is a fantastic tool that gives people the option of highlighting things they like about themselves or covering up some little blemishes that might make them feel a little embarrassed. The logic behind looking your best helps to feel like your best and do your best is well grounded and applied in most professions. Now makeup can help with that if you personally think you need it. Like I said before it really depends but it’s nice to have the option at least.