My Tastes In Cosmetics And Another Thing

I like makeup in general just to clarify things. Some of you are under the impression that I am angry at makeup and let me clarify that that is not the case at all. I simply get disheartened trying to keep up with everything that goes on in the industry. Also like everybody else certain moves by companies or producers can leave a bad taste in my mouth and I may speak out about it from time to time. I guess that’s how some of you might have gotten that impression of me but hopefully I’ve cleared up that misunderstanding.

Next point of business is how I feel about guys and cosmetics. Now some of you may be more into the rougher and tougher looking guys and I am completely on board with that. I used to say this a lot and you’ve probably heard it somewhere before too but I like a guy who looks like he could provide if ever we got lost in the woods. I don’t want him to look like a wild man but I don’t like boys who look like I could break them in half bane style. Now a reminder this is my preference so if you disagree then that’s fine as well, to each her own and all that business. Now that being said guys can achieve this look through a couple of different methods but here’s the one that I’ve seen that I think I’d prefer on a guy I was dating. That would be the groomed gentleman look with all the fixins. Now the groomed gentleman uses a variety of different products to achieve that look and one day I got curious so I asked my friend to explain beard care to me. The one that stood out most were the scents. Apparently guys can smell better than we do and still smell manly. The got beard oils and such with and scents that vary quite a bit and even when they style their beards it can add a certain scent to it with these things called beard balms. My friend let me in on which ones were the best and I’ve this beard balm is my favorite. But who knew you could look like you hunt animals with your bare hands but use more cosmetics and skincare products than a pro model.